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2.12% - 4.10% Hourly For 48 Hours, 5.5% - 8.20% Hourly
Min/Max: $10 / $50000.00
Referral: 0.5%-20%
Withdrawal: Instant
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Our Investment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 44%
Last Payout: Aug 24th, 2021
Added: Nov 18th, 2020
Monitored: 289 days
Lifetime: 289 days Advanced HYIP Statistics
Mining House Trade is a cutting-edge, crowd-funded diversified cryptocurrency techno mining operation built and managed by a team of industry experts and professionals staff on behalf of the Mining House Trade Community. Mining House Trade Community Members contribute to building Mining House Trade centers. To provide maximum mining efficiency, the Mining House Trade Management Team obtains Cutting-edge technology at wholesale prices and electricity at ultra-low industrial rates, with high-level safety and security measures to protect the Community’s investment. Each Community Member automatically receives access to regular and transparent accounting and reporting on all costs and output. Mining House Trade Community Members obtain Bitcoin-based that represent their Participation in Mining House Trade. Three-fourths (75 percent) of Mining House Trade output, minus basic operating costs including electricity and hydropower. Those who are interested can make a significant profit by buying any investment plan that is guided by our professional miners to the most popular currency in the world. What is Mining House Trade LTD PRODUCING financial ?At Mining House Trade we believe that cryptocurrency is the next step in the evolution of payments and value storage. It allows parties to not only transfer value to one another but to avoid the unnecessary and typically high transaction costs of traditional intermediaries.
PerfectMoney BitCoin Payeer
Payout Ratio: 44%
Profit: $43.60 in 16 payouts
Investment: $100.00 in 1 spends

Type Date Amount Comment
Profit Aug 24th, 2021 $3.00
Profit Jul 7th, 2021 $3.00
Profit Jul 4th, 2021 $8.00
Profit May 16th, 2021 $3.50
Profit May 5th, 2021 $4.00
Profit Apr 16th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 8th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 5th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Mar 19th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Feb 17th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Jan 24th, 2021 $1.00
Profit Jan 12th, 2021 $3.00
Profit Dec 26th, 2020 $2.00
Profit Dec 12th, 2020 $5.00
Profit Nov 28th, 2020 $0.90
Profit Nov 20th, 2020 $0.20
Spend Nov 19th, 2020 $100.00